Welcome to
Under the Sea Dental

A unique dental centre committed to creating a positive experience for children. Through caring and experienced dental professionals, we make our young patients feel comfortable and safe in our tranquil facility.

A Place Where
Kids Come to Smile

We serve the entire community in a fun and relaxing space that kids love to visit. We use a child-friendly approach to create a positive experience, helping us care for, and educate kids about oral care right from the very first tooth.

All-Income Families

We believe that every child deserves to smile. Our job is to make sure that children receive exceptional, professional care, regardless of income. Affordable oral care for kids means we take care of parents too.

Meeting Fee-Guide Standards

We are pleased to offer services under the BC Healthy Kids program. All forms of insurance are accepted and we are happy to help make sure that your kids receive care with minimal stress to you. Talk with our staff to work out the optimal financial plan for your family.

A Fun & Safe Environment

Healthy, happy smiles happen when kids feel safe and excited to visit their dental clinic. We provide a comforting space staffed with caring and knowledgeable professionals who are committed to your child’s health.

“We believe that a healthy community starts with good habits from an early age. We envisioned a clinic where kids would want to visit and learn in an engaging environment. We know we have done what we set out to accomplish when we see beautiful, shining smiles, entering… and leaving Under the Sea Dental.”

Founder Dr. Francis Trinh, DMD

We Offer a Wide Variety of
Oral Care Services

Kids don’t need to wait for braces to start receiving care at Under the Sea Dental. Our highly trained professionals are able to offer consultations and cleanings right through to orthodontics.

New Patient Exams & Consultations

We look forward to meeting you! Call us to set up an appointment to visit the clinic and meet our team. New patients will start off with an exam and consultation that leave you with a better understanding of your child’s needs with an emphasis on creating a fun and positive first impression.


Professionals trained in orthodontic procedures will first consult with you to see what options are best to help adjust teeth for that perfect smile. We offer a variety of orthodontic services including braces, retainers, Invisalign™ and mouth guards.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride aids in cavity-fighting and cavity prevention. We offer a variety of fluoride treatments including fluoridated toothpaste.

Check-Ups and Cleanings

Frequent check-ups mean less procedures and treatments. Let us help you set up a schedule to help you maintain your child’s oral health and start the education process right from the very first tooth.

Cavities and Fillings

Cavities are very common in children. We can offer advice about maintenance and diet to help prevent cavities and offer a variety of options to treat cavities of various sizes. This may involve white or silver fillings or crowns.

General Anaesthesia

General Anaesthesia is available for children who are undergoing a more lengthy appointment or for those who are very young, or nervous. This is done at an accredited outpatient clinic.

We Believe in Giving
Back to the Community

Community is at the heart of why we do this work. We are committed to education and conservation and we support those organizations that are invested our children’s future.

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Conveniently located on Fraser Street, between Mount Pleasant and Trout Lake. 

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